"Thank God For TRS Direct"

"I am the head over our security team at our local Christian Church in the Pittsburgh area in PN. I thank God for TRS Direct, along with their wonderful staff in putting together such a wonderful service in training myself and other 11 security guys."
Anthony Belczyk, Pittsburgh, PA

"Refreshingly void of BS"

"I highly recommend watching it and learning the truth for yourself! I have tried conventional martial arts classes over the years but after months was never taught anything other than unending repetition of outdated stances and how to fall. I am thankful I discovered TRS and this training."
Andy P.

"I'm only interested in the real, the efficient and the brutally effective answer"

"Straight to the point, efficient and brutally effective. An attempted armed robbery back in 2007, brought this force mentioned philosophy home to stay! Bob, and company, thanks for the opportunity to speak about your products, what they mean to me and how they are helping a 51 year old man out."
Theo Butler, Civil Servant, Washington DC

"Very Effective Stuff!"

"I really like X-Tec Fighting with Rick Reynolds and Rock N Roll Prison Fighting System with James Painter."
Michael Mclelland, Tankerman on Tug Boat, Houma, LA

"Today you need all the fighting skills you can get"

"I'm a 73 year old retired steelworker, motor inspector, Army demolition specialist, and Air Force Ground Crew for the KC135. I'm a tea party guy who sees the country falling apart, so you need all the fighting skills you can get, that's why I buy TRS's DVDs."
Blaise Churney, Retired, Monaca, PA

"I sent him flying"

"I ordered Tai Chi by Richard Clear. As it says in the video, I broke the board with my fingers after watching the video one time. But more importantly, I was in a restaurant/bar the other night and was asked by a female friend of mine to stop this guy from harassing her, I asked him politely to please leave her alone. He then took a swing at me, which I blocked and then I sent him flying with one of the moves I remembered from master clears video! He got up from the floor and proceeded to leave the bar totally avoiding me! The situation was over and done in less than 5 seconds. He has not showed up since. Thank you TRS and master clear! Oh, I forgot to mention, he was at least 30 lbs heavier than me and about 30 years younger. Not bad for a 50 year old minister. I highly recommend this DVD-it will change your life."
Rev. Dr. Mikhael Parisi, Madison, WI/strong>