Equalizer Defense Stick

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     The TRS Equalizer was designed to level the playing field when dealing with a larger more aggressive attacker.

     The Equalizers is a lightweight and flexible 3/8ths inch diameter 30 inch long fiberglass rod. It's nearly indestructible. It's fitted with a golf club style grip and lanyard on one end and a protective rubber tip on the business end. 

     Whether you are formally trained in stick fighting or not, nobody is going to want to mess with you once they hear the end of this stick whizzing by their face. A 10 year old child can easily get the tip of the equalizer moving at a speed of over 100mph. In the hands of an adult its a formidable weapon and yet it's slender profile does not draw attention.

     Many of our customers love the Equalizer to fend off stray dogs when they go for walks. I keep mine on the floorboard of my car just in case...

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