Bulletproof Helmet

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The TRS Bullet-Stopper Helmet is the ultimate ballistic head protection.

  • An NIJ IIIA rating. Capable of stopping flying shrapnel… a shotgun blast or even a direct headshot from a .44 magnum!
  • Weight approximately 3-½ pounds. That’s a little less than a decent motorcycle helmet.
  • Comfortable 4-point chin strap. Stays put when running or jumping or climbing or heaven forbid during a ballistic impact.
  • Interior suspension system. Quality suspension system for superior comfort and impact protection.
  • Protection around ears. Ballistic protection extended down below the ears.
  • Mount for Night Vision Goggles and side rails for additional accessories like communication, lights, cameras, etc.
  • Fits most people. Comfortable fit for head circumference of 21.5-24.5 inches, (that’s most of us).
  • One YEAR, 100% guaranteed. Return it in ANY condition for a full and prompt refund of your entire purchase price.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

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