Hurricane Kit

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Your "Hurricane Kit" includes:

1. Water Filter: The amazing HFC1500 water filter kit is one of the most effective water filtration systems you can carry inside the pocket of a backpack. This is NOT a "straw" filter.

It filters water at an impressive 550ml per minute and can process 400 gallons of water - more than enough for you and your family.

2. Rain Panchos: You'll receive TWO hooded rain ponchos -- one orange (to get you noticed) and one green (to stay NOT noticed).

Reusable, and yet folds up small enough to fit in your back pocket. Durable mylar on the outside with a thin layer of aluminum on the inside to reflect body heat to keep you toasty warm on the inside. Big enough for large men.

Multiple other uses, including as an emergency shelter, to protect gear, shield yourself from blood, ground cover and more.

3. Waterproof Matches: Not just any waterproof matches, but 25 of the hottest, beefiest, most effective waterproof "mini-flares" on the planet. You can't put these out!

Sound dangerous? Well, maybe. But in an emergency, when it’s dark and raining and you’re cold, wet, and need to build some kind of fire fast, you’ll be damn glad you got some hardy reliable matches that won’t go out on you.

4. 330 EDC Tactical Flashlight. Designed with the help of a Green Beret, this flashlight is small, lightweight -- yet powerful.

Waterproof, shockproof, very tough. Glow in dark switch (so you can find it), magnetic butt (to work hands-free), extra beefy clip, exceptionally bright, and lots more. 

All together this Hurricane kit is normally $89. But through the links in this special email, it's yours for just $49 (a full $40 off) with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

You have a full year from your date of purchase to return your item for a full and prompt refund of the purchase price. Our philosophy: If you don't want our product, we don't want your money. It's that simple. Feel free to use the item, even abuse it if you want, and if you're not satisfied, return it in any condition within 1 year for a full refund.