Volt Power Bank Charger

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Small and portable solar charger with 4 removable panels. The power bank has a 8000 mAh battery capacity that can charge up to 2-3 smart phones. Features a 200 Lumen LED flashlight, 2 USB ports and a 2A ready USB cord. Includes two dry bags and a digital 'How-To' Video.

Technical Specifications:

Quantity: 1
Weight: 12oz
Height: 6.25in.
Width: 3.25in. (with solar panels it is 17in.)
Thickness: 13.50mm (with solar panels it is 28.50mm)
Battery Capacity: 8000 mAh
Solar Power Output: 6 Watts
USB Ports: 2
1A 5V USB Adapter Charge Time: 8hrs
2A 5V USB Adapter Charge Time: 3hrs
Solar Only Charge Time: ~48hrs (varies based on weather)
Solar Panels: 4 (removable)
LED Flashlight: 200 Lumen
2A USB Cord
Includes 2 Dry Bags

Satisfaction Guarantee:

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